Shower & Eye Wash Station

رقم الموديل
Shower & Eye Wash Station
JOD 375.06
Shower & Eye Wash Station
Shower & Eye Wash Station Shower & Eye Wash Station


Shower-eyewash built in stainless steel to be used in cases of splashes of harmful elements to the eyes, where the water produces a clustering effect of the noxious elements. It is activated manually via a system of ball valves. Supplied by tap water in the network.

Hydraulic pressure: from 0.2 to 0.8 MPA − Water inlet: 1-inch

Water outlet: 1 ¼ inch.

304 Stainless steel shower and eye wash station

Pull operated shower

Foot operated eye wash

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اسم المنتجShower & Eye Wash Station
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رقم الموديلShower & Eye Wash Station
رقم المديل من المنشأShower & Eye Wash Station
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