Jotex thermal gloves gcj-10

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thermal gloves gcj-10
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jotex thermal gloves gcj-10
jotex thermal gloves gcj-10 jotex thermal gloves gcj-10 jotex thermal gloves gcj-10

Jotex thermal gloves

These warm anti cold and freezer gloves have an anti-pilling polyester fleece outer shell. It has quilted insulation with Thinsulate material to keep warm and protect from extreme cold at -40 degrees.

Insulates is constructed using hollow fiber technology and provides a lighter and a warmer thermal lining. The fabric technology locks in the body's warmth, hollow fibers trapping air to retain body heat and creating a thermal barrier. The high performing material offers top-quality lightweight comfort to the wearer without adding bulk

The gloves feature gripper pads on the palm and index finger for full dexterity, and the straps are fully adjustable for a secure fit.

The Jotex gloves are available in a single size. However, due to the flexible material this size should fit most people.

Ideal for handling material in the freezer warehouse and for use in cold room and in extreme cold weather.

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رقم الموديلthermal gloves gcj-10
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