801 - High Sheepskin Lining

رقم الموديل
801 Lining
JOD 13.40
801 - High Sheepskin Lining
801 - High Sheepskin Lining 801 - High Sheepskin Lining

801 - High Sheepskin Lining

The Foca High Sheepskin Lining is a widely used accessory in situations where extra comfort and resistance to cold are required.

Manufactured in 5 pieces: sole, two half-reeds, heel reinforcement and removable synthetic textile green. Upper hem has great durability. It is easily placed in the boot due to its design, so it does not turn around when you take your foot off it. To clean it, just remove it with a slight tug and put it in the washing machine. Program delicate garments, neutral soap, and softener.

Suitable for all our products. This model in particular is for boots with a height of 37 cm to 40 cm. For boots models with height of 30 cm, you must select the MOD: 811. Do not hesitate, it is the right complement for your Foca!

المزيد من المعلومات
اسم المنتج801 - High Sheepskin Lining
رقم الموديل801 Fleece Insert
رقم المديل من المنشأ801 - High Sheepskin Lining
بلد المنشأاسبانيا
الجنسرجالي, ستاتي, كلا الجنسين
المادة المصنعة للأحذيةنسيج اصطناعي
تصميم/ شكل الحذاءبدون رباط
المقاسات المتوفرة37-48
Mavinsa 801 Technical Sheet
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